Etsy Store Banners & Creating Complementing Business Identities

We’ve been asking for all you color lovers out there with Etsy stores to share them with us and some of have but we want to see more!

The business topic that we’re bringing up today, before we get into some bodacious banners, is making sure your identity, in this case, your banner on Etsy, complements your products and style. At the bottom of the post is a selection of banners for design and color inspiration, some incorporate elements that complement their shops very well while other were just chosen for their overall aesthetic and/or color palette.

Use Product Images or Incorporate Themes and Inspiration Into your Identity.

Your banner and your avatar are your shop identity, and will be the main image and brand shoppers associate with your shop… You should choose a design that will complement the items sold in your shop.

An easy and obvious way to get your products and style across is to include images of your products. If you’re selling rings and only rings, it’s okay to include images of rings. This kind of design can be restrictive in that it limits the perception of what your store or company is all about, and could inadvertently age your store if your products develop beyond what your banner portrays.

Berkley illustration!

Botanical bird

The empty nest

Fish & Lotus




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